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We specialize in non-contact temperature measurement. We used several kinds of infrared cameras produced by different manufacturers with incompatible software and limited functions, so we started to develop our LabIR® software for thermography. Subsequently we started to develop special thermographic paints LabIR® Paints for exact results of infrared cameras measurement. Thanks to state-of-the-art technical equipment, our development of products and our team of specialists focused on infrared, we can offer advanced services for non-contact temperature measurement.

Thermovision measurement and education

Our team consists of specialists in the field of infrared radiation. We are experts in thermovision temperature measurement. We have experience in measuring optical properties and non-destructive testing at the level of international cooperation.


Milan Honner

Head of project LabIR®

Vladislav Lang

Hardware development

Jiří Skála

Software development

Tomáš Kohlschütter

Software development

Jiří Tesař

Non-contact temperature measurement

Petra Honnerová

Optical properties measurement

Michal Švantner

IR non-destructive measurement

Alice Nováková


Jan Šroub


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